ICDC project organizes an international seminar in Amsterdam


ICDC project, led by Club Natació Banyoles, organizes an international seminar on dual careers in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on Thursday 15 th and Friday 16 th December. For two days, work and training sessions will focus on different aspects of dual careers (the optimal combination of education and training of young athletes).

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will host the seminar, that will include working sessions, the presentation of dual career program, conferences of different personalities from sport and specific training for coaches and psychologists working in dual careers. Among the presentations will be the Euoprean Union conference about the strategy of dual careers, a lecture on best practices in this field, and presentation of the results of the study Gold in Education and Elite Sports of the Vrije Univeriteit Brussel.


New social room at Club Natació Banyoles


Since this month, Club Natació Banyoles, who leads the project ICDC, has a new social hall that all members of the club can use for free. This room will be also for the athletes who are part of the ICDC, who can use it as a study room and meetings. As for the timetable, will be open from 9 am to 20 pm on weekdays and fron 10 am to 13 pm on weekends and holidays. From 16 am to 20 pm, will be prioritized for use as a study room.

Adrià Mitjavila: "Rowing made me more efficient"


This Friday, November 25 took place the conference Estudis i esport? És possible! by the rower Adrià Mitjavila. He explained his experience to about 70 people who were in the room. The sportsman and student of Biotechnology at the University of Girona said that since he started rowing he began to be more efficient and know how to manage his time. The combination of both also made him acquire ambition and set long-term and short-term goals. The process that uses is set goals, plan, work, execute and self-critique. In fact, this last one is one of the most important points, since it considers that there are no excuses, and that everything can be improved. He also said that one of the important elements is to have motivation, trust in coaches and teachers, and working daily. Finally, according to his experience: "to get good results in the studies is very good, to obtain good results in sport is also very good, but what will really make you special is to achieve good results in both areas".

'Studies and Sports' by Adrià Mitjavila


ICDC Project (Innovative Clubs for Dual Careers) proposes the conference Studies and Sports, by Adrià Mitjavila. The event is open and will take place this Friday, November 25th at 7:00 pm in the Sala de socis of the Club Natació Banyoles.

At the age of six Adrià Mitjavila (Fontcoberta, 1994) started out in the world of sports, in the Unió Esportiva Fontcoberta football team. At the age of thirteen he decided to leave the ball and started to practice rowing, which led him to achieve the Gold Medal in the U23 World’s Championships in lightweight double sculls, 4th position in the 2016 European Olympic classification, 5th position in the 2016 1st Rowing World Cup in lightweight double sculls and 6th in the 2015 U23 World’s Championships in lightweight double sculls. He combined all these sport achievements with an average of 8 out of 10 in his university studies –Biotechonology Degree- at Girona University.

Presented the ICDC Project in the Club Natació Banyoles


This afternoon has officially launched the project Innovative Clubs for Dual Careers (ICDC) led by Club Natació Banyoles. The event was attended by Jordi Congost, councilor for Sports of Banyoles; Ester Busquets, councilor for Education of Banyoles; Jordi Casanovas, delegate of Triathlon of Club Natació Banyoles; Albert Busquets, Club Natació Banyoles manager, and Esther Guerrero, New Balance Club athlet. The program wants to facilitate the combination of education and training of young athletes. Since this course is applied in three cities: Banyoles, Perpignan and Bled, and has the participation of hundred athletes aged between 14 and 21 years of different sports, such as swimming, canoeing and rowing. The work program includes seminars to reinforce aspects in sports and studies, such as setting objectives, planning time, concentration... The project will run until 2018.

Presentation of the ICDC project in Club Natació Banyoles


This Thursday, September 29th, will be the presentation of the project Innovative Clubs for Dual Careers (ICDC), led by Club Natació Banyoles. The event is open, it will be in the Sala de socis at 19 h. The aim of this presentation is to inform about the support dual careers program that develops between 3 European clubs, whit athletes between 14 and 21 years old. A program that optimally combines sports and studies of young athletes who practice water sports like canoeing, rowing or swimming.