The objective of this project is to develop an innovative club-based pilot programme to support Dual Careers that facilitates an optimal combination of high-quality training and education to young athletes practicing water sports, namely canoeing, rowing and swimming. The Programme will target athletes between 14 and 21 years old, a critical age in which athletic, academic, psycho-social and professional transitions take place.

In total, 100 athletes coming from the partnering clubs will directly be involved in the testing of the pilot programme. Athletes will be supported by different experts coordinated by the Dual Career Case Manager (DCCM) as a key figure to integrate medical, psychological, educational and other support services that will be provided by clubs.

The main aim is to combine a successful educational and sporting career of athletes by bringing them the right supporting services from their own clubs, and hence contributing that at a later stage of life they keep a balance between sports training and employment.

The project directly contributes to the EU Dual Careers strategy, by designing pilot initiatives, testing them, gathering lessons learned and finally disseminating them to the most relevant European audience. Actions proposed are deeply inspired and aligned with the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers.