It will take place on November 30 at 7pm

A new seminar on dual career as part of the European Scores Project will take place on 30 November at 7 pm. It is entitled: ‘Facing a job interview’. It will be taught by Talent Savior. The seminar will be online through this link: ACCESS.



SCORES Seminar: ‘Facing a Job Interview’

It will take place on May 18 at 7pm

A new seminar on dual career as part of the European Scores Project will take place on 18 May at 7 pm. It is entitled: ‘Facing a job interview’. It will be taught by Talent Savior. The seminar will be online through this link: ACCESS


Seminar: 'Skills in sport towards the job market'

It will take place on May 4 at 19.00

A new seminar on dual career as part of the European Scores Project will take place on 4 May at 7 pm. It is entitled: 'Skills in sport towards the job market'. It will be given by the Valor Positiu psychologist Jordi Pinsach. The seminar will be online through this link: ACCESS


New seminar on dual careers 04/22

It will be about dual careers framed in the European Scores Project

A new seminar about dual careers as part of the European Scores Project will be held on 22 April at 5 pm. It is entitled 'The Dual Career: past, present and future' and will try to provide practical resources to teachers who accompany students on dual projects, all based on scientific evidence. It will be run by researchers from the UAB Sports Psychology Study Group, Marta Borrueco and Anna Jordana. There will also be the contributions and experience of the elite athlete in freestyle canoeing Quim Fontané. It will be online and can be accessed through this link: SEMINAR ACCESS.


Lecture: Healthy diet to improve sports performance


Next Thursday, November 5 at 7:30 p.m,. the nutricionist Carla Omedes will give a lecture called 'Healthy diet to improve sports performance' through the virtual platform Zoom. It is aimed at everyone, especially young athletes. It is needed to request access to

Final Conference: "Handball 4 Dual Careers"


On June 12th, the Conference "Handball 4 Dual Careers" will take place as an end to the project has lasted the two and a half past years. The main results and conclusions will be released based on the experiences and opinions of the participants in the different activities and pilot tests that have been organized mainly in the three participating handball clubs. This conference aims to be a space for the dissemination of knowledge, experiences and opinions regarding the different fields related to the different situations faced by athletes when it comes to combining sports practice with the pursuit of an academic career and the subsequent insertion into the workplace.

Throughout the day, conferences, workshops and presentations will be organized by experts and professionals from all over Europe who are currently working in  dual careers. Personalities and organizations that have confirmed their presence so far: Mr. Bogdan Wenta (former handball player and current mayor of Kielce (Poland)); Mr. Carlos Prieto (former handball player and current employer and "EHF lecturer"); Dr.Stefan Walzel (German Sports University in Cologne, Germany.); CAR Sant Cugat; Club Natació Banyoles; Atlètic Terrassa HC; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; European Handball Federation.

For any doubts or questions regarding the conference, please contact

Guidebook of best practices in dual careers


The ICDC - Innovative Clubs for Dual Careers project published a guidebook of best practices in dual careers this April as an end to the pilot test, after intense years of experimentation. In this guide we find four fundamental pillars to keep in mind for the present and future of the athletes/students: to create optimal conditions for the clubs, good coordination between the clubs and the school, to have a professional team around their dual careers, and to have a support service at different levels in the clubs. You can read the full guidebook here.

Final results and discussion around dual career future possibilities in sport


The ICDC Pilot Programme has involved intense years of experimentation. Sports clubs carried out their own activities involving several actors (athletes, trainers, teachers and parents) working in a range of areas (nutrition, psychology, lifestyle and physiotherapy) with an important involvement of local stakeholders. You can now consult a summary of the final results of the project, with data, practical cases and good practices. Read it here.

The final conference of ICDC project


The Project Final Conference held in Barcellona on 28th November 2018 was the occasion of presenting ICDC main results, but also of discussion main issues related to the future implementattion of dual careers in sport.

Beside the project partners, the final conference presented and discussed different experience in dual career carried put in Europe as well in the rest of the world.

Ruan Schlesbusch from South Africa illustated its experience in South Africa.  After explaining the project he commented on aspects of the pedagogy proposed that can be used to learn for sport.

Dual career in learning programs of future sport professionals and the athletic and systemic dimensions of Dual Carrer were also discussed respectively by Alexander Latinijak and Wolfgang Stockinger. These were complemented by a discussion with Petra Robnik (NOC Slovenia) on dual career as a global strategy.

The Conference ended with a session on Good practices exemples moving from the Best Practice Guidebook that will be finalised by AUAS within the project.

Among good practices:
Raül Campos presented  the H4DC platform in which different actors work together to support the needs of athletes through a complex structure and collaboration agreements. Anna Jordana presented different projects that have begun from the UAB and the CAR as a line of continuous learning: The GEES, aimed at athletes - students, B-Wiser, for sportspeople - professionals, the IOC, designed for advisers, the ECO / DC (directed to the educational and work environment, both in the private and public sphere) and DC-TRAIN, which would be the complete program for the advice of CD projects. Mireia Galí presented the project STICK aimed at giving athletes and students the opportunity to leave Erasmus without renouncing either the sports career or the academy.

Video seminar here

Documentation of International Seminar of dual career in Barcelona: now available


The documentation of the International Seminar on Dual Careers that took place on November 28 at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona is now available. Among the presentations, the ICDC project highlights, with explanation of the implementation and also of the conclusions, the talks by the experts Alexander T Latinjak and Ruan Schlebusch, the experience of the Granollers handball club and those of CAR and UAB, among many others. You can download the materials here.