On June 12th, the Conference "Handball 4 Dual Careers" will take place as an end to the project has lasted the two and a half past years. The main results and conclusions will be released based on the experiences and opinions of the participants in the different activities and pilot tests that have been organized mainly in the three participating handball clubs. This conference aims to be a space for the dissemination of knowledge, experiences and opinions regarding the different fields related to the different situations faced by athletes when it comes to combining sports practice with the pursuit of an academic career and the subsequent insertion into the workplace.

Throughout the day, conferences, workshops and presentations will be organized by experts and professionals from all over Europe who are currently working in  dual careers. Personalities and organizations that have confirmed their presence so far: Mr. Bogdan Wenta (former handball player and current mayor of Kielce (Poland)); Mr. Carlos Prieto (former handball player and current employer and "EHF lecturer"); Dr.Stefan Walzel (German Sports University in Cologne, Germany.); CAR Sant Cugat; Club Natació Banyoles; Atlètic Terrassa HC; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; European Handball Federation.

For any doubts or questions regarding the conference, please contact h4dc@bmgranollers.cat.